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Podcast Your Brand includes everything from establishing your podcast concept to hitting publish! We’re here to make the process simple by guiding you through the process of creating your podcast.

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So, you've been thinking about starting a podcast? Podcasting is becoming increasingly popular, with plenty of great choices for structure and strategy. You'll learn the easiest way to record every episode with the required tools to edit and produce. Starting with the right software will help create better quality recordings, and we'll walk you step-by-step from start to finish in this tutorial.

Step One:
Develop your creative design and show format

Step Two:
Implement the exact tools, solutions, and workflows for success

Step Three:
Create all of the connections for Social and Distribution

One Simple Step

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What you’ll Learn

Module 1

We will begin by outlining the strategy of your implementation. We will cover several areas Podcasting has excelled in delivering results and how you can directly improve your outcomes.


Next, we will review the solutions for creating your Podcast Brand, Logo and show creative elements. Also, we will review the extensive integrations and implementations you can use for your show.


With your podcast art complete, it is time to plan your intro and outro. This will be the first thing potential new listeners hear on a plane ride or while doing errands and you want them interested in what's coming up!


Next, we will install and configure your podcast applications and connect all components necessary for excellent outcomes. We'll walk you through each step and be a guide by your side. Test, review, so you're prepared.

Creating Content

Setting reasonable goals for yourself and then developing a weekly schedule to stay consistent. Creating structure that helps you stay on track is one of the easiest ways to set your future podcasts up for success!


It's time to stop stalling and get started. No matter what your podcast is about, there’s a niche out there that just can't wait for you speak up! Now dive into this new adventure that makes every day worth living...

Hi, I'm Russ Johns

Russ is a content creator and technology enthusiast. He is certified in Dubb Training, Livestreaming, and yes, Podcasting.
Russ believes that everyone has something valuable to share with the world, and he enjoys helping people find their voice and share their message. When he's not creating content or helping others create theirs, Russ can be found exploring new technologies or spending time with his family.


Russ is an excellent source of information and help. His knowledge of marketing and how to connect with the right client is extensive. I don't know much about it but he patiently explained the processes, 

Johannes Ott

Russ is a passionate individual with a strong focus towards getting things done. After collaborating for some time, I am impressed by how he constantly adds value while putting a lot of efforts into what he does.

Fabien Ghys

Russ has been instrumental in helping me expand my marketing reach. Perhaps even more importantly, he's provided education and encouragement in the realm of content creation and podcasting. Russ is a wealth of knowledge and experience with a big dose of willing to help.

Shane Hennesey

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Will you share how to be a great podcast guest? 

100% And after creating a few thousand episodes we have a few ideas, 
Here are a few thoughts we're going to review
 -Get insider tips on how to be a great podcast guest
 -Preview the show so you know what to expect
 -Understand the tone and style of the show
 -Come across as genuine and interesting
 -Share stories that listeners will love

Will you share what makes a good podcast? 

YES, There are multiple considerations and we will expand on this list:
-Episode transcripts, or show notes make it easy to skim content and find the information you need
-Podcasting can help establish your brand as an expert in your field (Thought Leadership)
-Don't be afraid to have fun with your podcast and inject some personality into it
-Guest appearances can help you build relationships with other industry leaders (Become a Guest)

What are a few popular podcast topics?

According to Statista's 2021 reports, the top 5 podcast topics include comedy, news, true crime, sport, and health/fitness.
Dec 26, 2021

How do I need to promote my podcast?

• Promote your podcast and ensure all listeners know your name, topic, and value
• Increase podcast engagement with interesting and valuable content
• Easily introduce your podcast and its topics in a fun way
• Encourage more people to listen to your episodes

We'll share several methods to create, share and promote your podcast 

What if I need more support?

Podcast Your Brand will be producing additional training and courses
Our goals it to be a resource to share answers to your questions and save you time in the process. 
We'll be delivering you REAL Actionable Tasks you can use to get started and grow your show.

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